Can it really be that the summer is upon us? As we tidy up the last documentation pages for 2015, we look back on another successful year with amazing clients, a new employee (many thanks Elaine!) and contractor (thankyou Nita!) and some incredible projects that we have been privileged to be part of. Many alterations and new builds have been on the boards - everyone of them distinctly different from the others, and each requiring a tailored solution to their site, as well as requiring a 'heart and soul' response to the family and the design that we create for them. We also won an award this year for our Paparoa House, and this has opened up more opportunities for combining our interior architecture skills within the residential projects that we love working on.

It has been wonderful to observe several projects being built this year, and working with the clients and builders to make dreams come to reality has been highly rewarding.

Looking forward to more growth in 2015 as we continue to develop many of the new projects shown below and will be expanding the studio later next year to make that happen. With the new Unitary Plan kicking in later in 2016 there are a lot of changes happening within the Auckland planning zones that will either create opportunities for peoples properties, or limit some of the minor dwelling options for the single residential zoned land areas. Its going to be a busy year as people get to grips with what this means for their land and begin to see the potential of creating new homes within the city fabric. We look forward to working with home owners to develop highly desirable homes that are beautiful, sustainable, intuitive, and that add value to their properties as well as the neighbourhood context.

If you would like to chat about your new project we finish the year in the studio on 22nd December 2015 (for Xmas trees, picnics on the beach, family time) and will be back on board from 11th January 2016 (reduced hours 9.00-2.00), with full hours kicking in from 2nd February 2016. We do have a waiting list for 2016, so it is certainly a good idea to give Lisa a call to have a talk about your ideas and arrange a catch up so you can find out how we can work with you to bring your plans to life.