It has been another amazing year. We have travelled through 2017 with exciting new projects, completion of some wonderful homes, and on top of that a rather exciting health scare for one of us! There's nothing quite like the threat of impending demise to sharpen your focus and decide what you want to do in life!

For us it is to help others achieve their goals for a sustainable healthy home that nurtures their family life. It is an intuitive process that we love doing . Listening to our lovely clients, hearing their needs, and fundumentally knowing in our core what will fit them to a T is why we do what we do. We dont do it for the kudos, we do it because it FITS the environment, the family, the life that it is about to shelter, the neighbourhood and community that it is a part of. That is what we love doing.

If that is what you need, we would so love to chat with you. We are always on the lookout for amazing families who want to build well and create healthy and beautiful homes that will last, serving not only their generation but also that of their kids. With those goals at the core of your brief, we know it is going to be an amazing project. Lisa and Amy will be back on board on 15th January 2018, after some well earned rest with their families. Feel free to drop Lisa an email if you would like to catch up in the new year to discuss your dreams.

Have a very Merry Christmas, and an absolutely amazing New Year.

Lisa, Scott and Amy.