Alchemy : A seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination. 

This little journal hopes to open up a window into the world of possibilities.  It is about architecture that is real and relevant to your daily life, and that is specific to its surroundings. I am passionate that a home for your family should not only be a functional, warm and dry environment, but also be one that is nurturing, inspiring, and that lifts the spirits.

Together with my clients brief and budget, I gather ideas from family life, landscape, textures, colours, simple rituals of day to day, or celebrations that bring people together… these can be the springboard for palettes, forms and spaces that generate emotions and feelings, and help to create architecture that is enriched and infused with these associations. 

The images in the journal are my own, unless notated otherwise (by all means pin with credit, but please do ask permission if you are going to use it elsewhere), and are of a combination of influences and ideas, rather than simply buildings. The architecture concepts they allude to inform designs that relate to the landscape that their foundations embed into, and respond to the light, the wind and rain that they offer shelter from. 

I hope you will find a little inspiration within these pages, and be encouraged in your own site specific building journey as you experience the beautiful alchemy of architecture and daily life.