Brick and Tile renovation

Farm Cove was a development that occured in the 1970s. A beautiful area, close to sea and great schools, it has an abundant supply of generous brick and tile homes built in that era.

We have worked on several projects in this area including The Blackbird House, and this particular project was a collab we did several years ago for some clients and Nita Pearson - a mutual friend of both of us.

The clients wanted to update the building, and were passionate about fine detailing. We worked together to redesign the layout on both floors to design a new kitchen and scullery, update the approach and deck area, and redesign the windows and cladding and the submit the building consent. The Clients and Nita went through the construction phase together.

It's great to see these generous homes upated and opened up in a carefully considered way.


(more images on the Ray White website)