Family, friends and food

When I first started blogging, my husband would tease me that I had more food than architecture in the posts (actually, what am I saying... he still does!). To me, your home, your life, your family, the way you cook, the way you nurture your friendships and family, as well as the way you design the spaces and rooms of your home ... are all interlinked. The static photographs on Pinterest or Houzz (you know the ones with no one in them) are not typically a reflection of the reality of daily life. The spaces in your home need to be designed not just to look good, but  to function and enable life to flow easily on a daily basis. They become the back ground to your life, the setting in which daily dramas unfold, the screen against which your memories are replayed years later.

The way that houses have been designed over the years reflects changes in family dynamics and social patterns. This evolution through different cultures, technological influences and construction options is still evolving and changing. Attention to the things that bring us together, that nuture us as family units and communities are key in developing architecture that can enable... and encourage this to occur.

So with that rather broad introduction, here is our latest in a series of photographed events that we have had over the years, celebrating family, friends and good food within one of the homes we have designed with the kitchen table at the very heart of the house.