We have some lovely colour palettes on the boards at the moment. It is wonderful to be able to provide to our clients a complete service from designing the architecture right through construction, to the finishing colour touches that make the experience of the home consistent and beautiful.

My inspiration this week has been the cool and rich colour green. Possibly not everyones immediate colour of choice, but used wisely this colour has huge evocative connotations of fresh green fields to deep green spring water. As always we get our inspiration directly from the wonderful New Zealand landscape (who wouldnt ?!) rather than brief trends and fashions. It's a source of such beauty and delight, and we would far rather create a timeless palette that relates directly to your landscape and speaks to generations of common experiences and treasured moments.

I hope the images collected and photographed over the summer inspire your own original colour selections. Remember it's not just about paint colours, it can relate to texture, soft velvets, green glass, moss green carpets, or emerald marbles and stone - the oportunities of how inspirational landscapes can be applied within the home are endless.

I have created a new category for the blog where you can search inspiration within previous colour palette posts easily. If you have any other blog topics that you would like us to cover in your quest for a beautiful sustainable home for your family, do drop me an email and I would be happy to cover that in a future blog post for you.