How to write a brief for an architect

We have written a free Ebook on How to write a Brief for an Architect to help you achieve your renovation or new build goals.

For many years Donnell & Day Architects have helped clients with writing an Architecture brief that identifies exactly what they need, who they are as a family, and what they want to achieve in their new build or renovation. We originally described our method in a blog post, and that has been our most popular blog post for almost 10 years. This process has been referred to in publications as identifying key ways of writing a brief for an Architect, as well as being referred to by our clients as being incredibly helpful to them before starting their bespoke build project.⁠

We find the clients who have established their brief *the right way* at the beginning of their construction journey, generally have a much easier path through the design and construction stages, as they have established and described their core values, mission, budget and goals for their particular build. It makes decision making easier, reduces changes and cost variations, and enables you to feel that your goals and VALUES are being looked after by your Architect.⁠

As Architects, we can of course simply talk with you and 'reverse brief' your words back to you, that is standard practice and something we of course offer, but for some projects and families it is really helpful (and important) to have put their own stamp on the project .⁠... in their words.⁠

We have just updated this original blog post with a free updated tutorial and Editable PDF - You asked, and we have delivered. Hopefully it helps you communicate to your Architect (and with each other!) the core goals of what you want to achieve in your new build or reno, in the unique way that you love to live life.⁠

You can download your copy at