Lemon & Barley

We are having a 'home' day this Saturday. Time for breakfast in bed and restorative lemon and barley drinks to kick the winter bugs and get the family back to fighting fit condition. This lemon and barley recipe made with honey is wonderful for... well pretty much anything, and it's great for helping recovery from colds and flu. Quite frankly I will give anything a try. A nice homemade chocolate brioche I think is pretty good at lifting the spirits too ... but as yet is scientifically unproven as an official cold remedy....

We have some lovely variagated Eureka lemons on the tree at the moment, with their green and yellow tiger stripes, and our Meyer lemons are starting ripen nicely. You have really got to admire how nature has supplies ready and waiting for you when you when you need them most.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!