Well, we have hit the ground running this year, and I have just drawn breath for the first time in the last couple of weeks. Building Consent lodged today, so just enough time to kick off the heels, wander through the garden with a glass of rose and mull over what to do with the tomatoes ready to be picked. The relish recipe I decided on was rather dependant on what I had to hand (I confess to being a 'substituter' in the kitchen ... something that I tell my contractors never to do ... the spec is the spec ...!) but was a good way of dealing with the overflow and will hopefully store those summer flavours for the winter months.

My helper in the kitchen decided that if he WAS going to help cut the onions that it would be on his terms.

So that is a little of the vege patch sorted, next to deal with the overloaded damson tree.....

Have a lovely weekend!