We have been doing a fair few sampleboards lately. Part of our design process is to consider the materiality of a project, both internally and externally. This enables the experience of both inside and outside to flow together, and creates a cohesive journey from room to room, space to space. Selecting the materials enable us to look at their source, and consider carefully not only their environmental impact of the material itself, but by finding local suppliers and manufacturers, the carbon footprint of the building as a whole.

Recently we have been working with some larger companies who require sampleboards for their colour ranges. this has been a great experience as it has given us the opportunity to look at colours that we may not have considered before, and we have enjoyed the challenge of thinking of projects where these can be used in a creative and beautiful way.


*examples for Colorsteel NZ. 

You can see these in physical form at the Home Ideas Centre in Parnell.