The change of season happens in tiny increments. Each day we receive a little more, or a little less of the sun’s light. At some point, usually about now, we become aware of the change - the freshness of the air in the morning, the lingering half-light at dawn and dusk. It is a reminder from nature that the winter is approaching, and preparations need to be made if we are to see out the winter in comfort. 
Like a sudden downpour, change can also be sudden and disruptive. We are required to adapt quickly to our changing conditions and seek shelter to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe from the elements. 
This change of season will be unlike any the world has seen for quite some time. Prepare well and wisely. Consider others in the choices you make and how your actions can be a positive influence. See the opportunities. Discover different ways of working, interacting and caring for one another. And if you need any help creating spaces for this new way of life, we are here to talk at any time.
We wish everyone a safe and healthy autumn and winter. Kia Ora and Kia Kaha.