Tea or Coffee?

This is a little tip sheet I wrote a little while ago now, but has proved popular with people trying to identify their own style or architecture preferences. Best enjoyed with a cup of tea or coffee!

While planning your home or bach project you begin to identify your favoured ‘look’ of buildings, spaces, interiors, and landscaping. Sometimes there is a combination of styles that you (and your other half) love and it becomes difficult to know which direction to head. This is where your architect is very useful – they can identify and understand the common thread in your ideas that will match with your budget and brief. They then tie this into a complete design of space and light that will help create a sense of unity through the home.

At Donnell and Day Architecture, we have a love of a wide range of architectural languages and are able to visualise your dream home as you talk to us. We often find there are some common threads that are woven together in the following forms....


Warm, white and clean – homely yet simple with carefully selected features. Your palette may be whites, muted greys; textured timbers combined with dark accents and take its cue from contemporary Scandinavian design. The architectural forms are simple and pragmatic – expressing a clarity of space and light.


For the caffeine and architecture addicts out there, your dream home reflects a love of early modernist roots and expresses its clean linear lines and large glazing panels with gravity. A home of distinction that celebrates texture, light and space, and while it is often combined with beautiful furniture – it lets the architecture do the talking.


Individual, quirky and unique. Your style is eclectic and colourful, and uniquely you. Collections and colour are important, design that is special with features that have the ‘wow’ factor. Your home is one of a kind and may have a retro edge to its furnishings as you discover pieces you just love. Images that you gather will be specific to your interests - the selection below is just a sample!http://pinterest.com/donnellday/cappuccino/


This is for those of you who favour the romantic vision of a home. You may have a villa, or a bungalow, or would love to build a new home that is timeless and classic. Think roses, mirrors, panelled walls and fresh linen. The details and materials are important here, historical accuracy combined or contrasted with new fresh elements.

Flat white:

The kiwi use of warm timber, inside - outside flow, and shelter from the strong summer light brings about its own language and design. For those of you who want the unique kiwi landscape, culture and climate to be reflected within their home, your home may adopt some of these ideas.

Of course this is just a taster, a sampler to get you started thinking and dreaming about your own ideal home or bach.  You may prefer herbal tea, or cafe mocha – there are so many (many!!!) variations - but we hope it helps inspire ideas for your own project and we’d love to hear from you if it has or if we can help you further.