A Weekend Brunch

A special long Anzac weekend is a wonderful chance to get together with friends and family. After early morning Dawn services, to commemorate the battle at Gallipoli 100 years ago, everyone was ready for brunch ... and coffee. A delivery earlier that week of a new Annabel Langbein cookbook 'Winter goodness' gave us all a chance to try out some new recipes. We divided up the dishes between us and brought them to a shared table in the early morning sunshine.

A beautiful buckwheat bircher was made by Karen and filled with wholesome ingredients, it was combined with a lovely honey sweetened rasberry chia jam for everyone to add to their glasses to suit their tastes. I made the orange blossom fruit compote which is luxurious when paired with sharp Greek yoghurt.

The mushroom, bacon and sourdough bruschetta were an amazing combination prepared by Anthony that we will definately have again! Also the Shakshuka baked eggs, that Karen made, was a great dish and an excellent way of serving eggs to a large table of people and making them go further (we added a little chorizo for a spicy kick!). I love that Annabels recipes have different options for adjusting the ingredients to suit your tastes or can be easily tailored to suit what is in the garden, pantry or fridge.

Finally to finish, as we chatted and brunch drifted into lunch, we had coffee and a lovely brioche filled with chocolate and damson plums (officially white chocolate in the book - I confess to doing a little substitution here with some 70% dark chocolate due to lack of the former in my pantry, and the plums *may* have been the gin soaked damsons I made here). We then took the kids to the playground and kicked the ball around for a bit!

A lovely weekend filled with friends and family, and as we remember those who fought for our country, one for which we are extremely grateful that we are able to enjoy.

With many thanks to my foodie friends and family, Scott, Anthony and Sue, James and Karen, Chad and Catherine and all the kids! And of course many thanks to Annabel Langbein for the great recipes! If you like any of the ones you see here you can find them in her recent 'Winter goodness' annual on sale now.