We had a photoshoot at our own house this week. There were a few items that we wanted to finish before the photos were taken, so the last couple of weekends have been full of little DIY tasks that we have been meaning to get on to since we moved in!

One area was the alcove affectionately known as Molly's corner. Now this was always intended to be a wood store next to the fireplace, however since our wee pup arrived on the scene she quickly adopted this as her cave and her quiet place in a busy family environment.

After tiling the alcove (It was Scott's first tiling job, I think we chose the most difficult tiles to learn on - but he did a great job!) Scott made a mitred surround with the remaining demolition rimu. The concept behind these finishes was so the alcove would be both beautiful and hardwearing at all times of the year, whether it was full of wood or not.


Molly was not entirely sure what to make of her bed moving into the laundry, however I noticed when we were taking photographs that one of the kids has put her blanket in behind the wood so she can still nestle in there anytime she feels like it. Multipurpose spaces are always good!