On Site

Construction of your project on site is where you start to see your ideas become a reality. We work alongside our clients and their contractors during this stage to ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible for everyone.

It's an important stage for Architects as we can observe the works on site to ensure that what is built is in accordance with what is in the documentation. We also have a chance to clarify and discuss the documentation or details with the contractors, and we love to collaborate with them and hear about the ideas they may have as well. For our clients we can also administer the contract on their behalf with the builder - this means that we can certify payments, organise site meetings and make the decision making process much easier for them (they can then be as 'hands on' or 'hands off' as they wish to be - from being involved in every decision, to just touching base every now and then until their new home ready and completed for them).

The 'Site Observation' and 'Site Administration' stages, within our professional services, ensures that there is a cohesive team effort between contractor, client, Architect and the many contractors and suppliers that are involved through the project. Its where the magic happens, where we see the alchemy of good design, high quality construction, and people working together to achieve a goal.