The art of architecture

"The idea of reading a building as we would read Milton or Dante, and getting the same kind of delight out of the stones as out of the stanzas, never enters our mind for a moment... great art, whether expressing itself in words, colours, or stones, does not say the same thing over and over again... the merit of architectural, as of every other art, consists in its saying new and different things"

John Ruskin. The stones of Venice - The Nature of Gothic 1853

It has been a lovely summer full of sun, water, walks and books. I find getting back to basics reminds one of why you do what you do. When designing, I find the quote above is still relevant today, and is a good reminder that architecture is not purely about shelter but rather the story it tells about time, place, purpose, and the people it has been created for. The delight of experiencing a space that has been crafted to communicate is an important part of the value of architecture.

I am so excited about this new year with all the wonderful projects on the boards, yet also humbled and honored that one of my key roles as an architect is to collaborate with families to help them build homes and beautiful environments that tell their unique story.