Eco Home

We are so thrilled to be featured in the recent publication by Melinda Williams ' Eco Home'. 

It is a wonderful resource for those who want to build sustainably and it has great 'down to earth' tips and ideas. The book features wonderful New Zealand Architects, including ourselves. As a small studio we feel so proud to be amidst those included in this publication. Melinda has done a great job of distilling the essence of good sustainable design, and how as a client you can design your home to respect both your environment and also fit around your lifestyle.

The projects featured in the book include our own Paparoa House , where we wanted to achieve a sustainable home on a budget, and also the beautifully calm Wairarapa Home , where the clients had a focus of achieving a warm, sustainable and handcrafted home. (see if you can spot the images through the book!)

We were interviewed by Melinda as part of her research. Several of our ideas (and generally accepted practice!) on designing sustainably were also featured, including concepts for your brief outlined in  How to write a brief for an Architect   as well as What is Good levels of sustainable design and Sustainable materials. We are so pleased that this information can reach a wider audience in New Zealand. Any little effort you can make with your new build to respect the land and the environment (that sustains us all!) is a good thing for your family and for future generations.

If you are interested in building an Eco Home, or have read the book and would like to discuss your new project, we would love to chat with you and create a home that fits both your life and the environment.